The Stage Is Set for Success in Billings Montana

Our home staging business is designed with you in mind

When staging any property, it’s important to consider the way you shop for real estate. What sights, sounds or smells instantly deter you from making a purchase? If you can strategically display the best parts of your home (while masking the worst), you’ll make an excellent first impression on prospective buyers.

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4 tips for staging an appealing environment

Our certified home stagers have trade secrets they can’t wait to share, but here are a few home staging basics to remember:

  1. Say goodbye to clutter
  2. Switch on warm lighting
  3. Arrange in threes
  4. Minimize crowding
Knickknacks have special importance to you, but outsiders won’t see them as valuable belongings – they’ll see clutter. Nobody associates mess with comfort, so keep your home as organized as possible. It’s okay to show glimpses of personality here and there, but you should try to group items in threes. For example, you might place a vase of flowers on a stack of three books.